About Us

As owners of Tutoring Club since 2002 and the parents of a NMUSD student and a private school student, we know the demands and challenges you and your student might be facing. If you think your child might benefit from tutoring, either to reach grade level, maintain a certain GPA or for enrichment, please give us a call. We would love to help!


  • I just want to say again how great you guys are. Bella had a math test last week and she got a 95. She was made at the score because she missed an easy question. Such a great feeling!! Thanks!

  • Peter and Cindy I cannot tell you how much we have appreciated your help over the years with Steven. We could not of gotten this far without you! Thanks for the years of service and support.

  • I think Tutoring Club is very helpful. Cindy and Peter Jackson own Tutoring Club and work very hard. They hire rad tutors that explain stuff you don't understand. They teach you three subjects, math, reading and writing. Now I am great at writing and math. Tutoring Club is awesome!