Reading Programs K-12th

Tutoring Club's reading program dramatically improves decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, reading rate, and recall. A comprehensive assessment identifies any phonics skill gaps and returns grade level equivalencies for vocabulary and comprehension. We create an individualized instruction plan that begins with a program using materials appropriate to your child's abilities. From this baseline, we build vocabulary and comprehension by teaching fundamental reading skills until your child confidently reads at or above their grade level.

Learning to Read

Grades K-2

This is a phonics intensive program for young students who are struggling with reading fundamentals. Beginning readers will learn to:

  • Recognize upper and lower case letters and their sounds
  • Read sight words
  • Use phonics skills to pronounce words and improve fluency
  • Use a variety of reading strategies to self-correct mistakes that interfere with meaning

Reading to Learn

Grades 3-6

Once the basic reading skills have been mastered, students progress from "learning to read" to "reading to learn". During this transition it is important for students to learn reading strategies to assist them with comprehension - the primary goal of all reading. Program will include the following vocabulary and comprehension skills:

  • Enhancing vocabulary development
  • Mastering multiple meanings of words
  • Determining context clues
  • Predicting outcomes
  • Inferring meaning
  • Identifying the main idea

Critical Reading

Grades 7-12

Now is the time to focus on critical reading skills and vocabulary development. The ability to understand, recall and share what has been read is crucial for success in all subjects. We develop an individualized reading program targeting each child's specific needs. Students learn new comprehension strategies, build vocabulary and improve their reading rate with recall. This is an outstanding long term prep for the PSAT/SAT/ACT.

Common Core Focus

A significant instructional change with Common Core is the standards' heavy emphasis on reading critically and writing analytically. A strong reading comprehension and vocabulary foundation is vital for success in today's learning environment.

Reading Checkup

If your child is...

  • receiving reading assistance
  • in the lowest reading group in their class
  • scoring at or below "standard" in English Language Arts/Literacy on state assessments
  • unable to read well enough to complete their homework without assistance
  • reading books below their grade level for Accelerated Reading or not meeting their AR goals
  • having difficulty with math due to reading

There is a solution

Call today to schedule a reading assessment and see the difference we can make!



  • Before Tutoring Club, I would have to fight my daughter to read every night for school. But ever since she started tutoring club, she looks forward to reading and will choose at least three books for us to read every night. Not only has her reading and comprehension level improved but also her motivation and confidence. Thank You Tutoring Club!!!

  • We tried in home tutors to no avail. First and foremost, the Tutoring Club instructors personify the patience, care and respect needed to break down the barriers in order for a child to learn. After struggling in the K-2nd grades, my child started the 3rd grade with reading at grade level confidence, all due to the Tutoring Club. The Tutoring Club makes learning fun, which no in-home tutor could do!