TC Writing believes that – with the right combination of form and function – writing can be a powerful form of communication. We start by laying the groundwork for students to express themselves creatively, all the while ensuring that they adhere to the standard English conventions that make their work strong and coherent. We walk through each step of the writing process — from idea generation to revision — as a multipurpose tool for both academic and creative writing. As students master structure, mechanics, and expression, we expand into the finer points of effective writing. Whether “showing, not telling” or approaching a research paper step-by-step, students become fluent in the art of the written word.

What is a TC Writing Session Like?

  • The Writing Process

    Students are introduced to the steps of the writing process, including brainstorming, organizing, drafting, revising, proofreading, and finalizing their work. Tutors offer constructive feedback and hone in on areas of improvement to encourage students to become better communicators.

  • Grammar and Punctuation

    Through explicit instruction, students master standard English conventions by breaking down the (somewhat confusing!) English language into manageable rules and procedures. As they demonstrate independent mastery of a concept, students are challenged to implement it in their own writing before moving on to a new skill.

  • Enrichment

    Spelling, syllabification, and scholarly citations are just a few of the many topics we cover in the Enrichment portion of our writing program. As with Grammar and Punctuation, students are encouraged to apply these concepts in their own compositions.

Writing Programs K-12th

Grades K-2

Students will learn brainstorming methods, proper essay format, how to use complex sentences and include descriptive words. Penmanship, grammar and punctuation skills are also reinforced.

Grades 3-12

Each student must be able to expand his or her writing into more complex essay styles and write multi-paragraph essays that flow while using accurate capitalization, punctuation and grammar. We assist students develop topic sentences, thesis statements, supporting details, elaborate on their thoughts, and write conclusive paragraphs. Students will gain experience with the major types of Common Core writing:

  • argument/opinion
  • informational/ explanatory
  • narrative

Students will perform all stages of the writing process - prewriting, drafting, revising and editing.

Common Core Focus

Students are required to draw evidence from information texts to support analysis, reflection, and research.

Writing Checkup

If your child...

  • scored at or below "standard" in English Language Arts/Literacy on state assessments
  • completes most homework independently, yet tends to have meltdowns with any "writing"
  • stares at a blank page and often has difficulty getting thoughts/ideas onto paper
  • refuses to edit or work through the rough draft process
  • has a difficult time annotating while reading
  • struggles to pull evidence from text

There is a solution

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  • I love love love love love the Tutoring Club of Newport Mesa! My kids attend twice a week year-round. The investment is so worth it. Both kids are excelling in math, reading and writing ... and are much more confident in the classroom. I love the fact they are nearly a year ahead of grade level :-)

  • My son just got his first A on an English essay! We always knew he could do it but he has never shown any effort up until now - 8th grade. His tutor peaked his interest in To Kill a Mockingbird and he worked through numerous drafts and improvements. Best yet, he actually sat down and proudly read to me his final version! I can see his attitude changing toward writing, he has some confidence, and I know he is going start his next assignment with a whole new attitude! Thank you!